Day 4/9 - Create a Twitter thread based on an blog post

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Destaca en Twitter con hilos de Twitter generados autom獺ticamente por Make y OpenAI GPT4

Create a Twitter thread based on a blog post

If you want to take your tweeting to the next level and create more prosperous, engaging content, create a Twitter thread based on your blog post!

Here I show you how to do it with Make and OpenAI

  1. Extract information from an article published on the web
  2. Runs a prompt to create a thread on Twitter with the extracted information
  3. Finally, execute the publication of the tweets

Remember that by sharing valuable content on Twitter, you are increasing your brands visibility and creating a stronger bond with your audience.

Dont wait any longer and try to Make with OpenAI using the GPT4 model today, and you will increase your productivity!

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