Automating Twitter Posts

Is it possible create automated daily twitter posts connecting chat gpt with make?


Yes, It is possible to do so.

You can create a new scenario, on the scenario settings you can then set it to run daily at certain time, then connect the Open AI module for ChatGPT and generate a prompt and then add twitter to post the completion received from the Open AI module.


Thanks for the reply. Would you happen to know if theres a video tutorial available which describes this process in more detail? on Youtube?

Would you happen to know if there is a youtube tutorial available on how to do this? or explain as if im a 3 year old :grinning:

The most basic scenario you can make consists of just two modules. This doesn’t account for error handling, etc.

Then, to run this scenario daily, set it in the schedule settings panel



What about multiple post per day?

You can select other options in the first field, as well as select “Show advanced settings” - and set multiple schedules there. For more information, see