Setting Up Scheduled Auto-Posts on Facebook via ChatGPT

Hey everyone, I’m new here.

I was pumped to dive into scenario creation, but it’s turning out to be more complex than I expected. I have zero coding skills, so I’m a bit lost.

Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. Create an auto-post scenario for a Facebook page where the content is generated by ChatGPT based on given keywords.
  2. Schedule these posts to go live regularly, like every three days.

I’m stuck on how to combine the general functions to make this happen. Any tips or guidance would be super appreciated. Thanks!

I’m unsure if I’ve done this correctly; I’ve attached a screenshot to illustrate the flow I’m attempting to create.

Use excel/goggle sheets as your starting point to get some data.

you can see my scenario and get some idea.


Thank you for your response. Could you please elaborate on the specific data I need to gather for this process? I must admit, I anticipate some challenges in creating this flow, as I’m not familiar with the general functions involved.

i would advise watch some youtube video, for


this was my first video and still serves as a base for my whole operations

Thank you for sharing the video. I’ve spent the entire day searching, but I haven’t found a tutorial specifically for creating AI-generated content and auto-posting it to Facebook pages. Would you happen to know where I can find such a resource?