Creating a Twitter Thread

I’m developing a Twitter bot which can post multiple tweets after each other. I can likely get the ID of the previous tweet via the “Get Tweet ID”, but I don’t see a way to then respond to that tweet. Any Idea?


I have the same problem.
If anybody have an solution?

Hi Guys,

not with the available modules, no. You will need a generic HTTP module to be able to set the tweet to be a reply and pass the ID of the one being replied to.

You can find the endpoint you need to hit here and what the configuration of the HTTP module needs to be:


Hello @Stoyan_Vatov
Thanks you for your answer.
But since 48h i try to do it with HTTP (after tried with Twitter legacy module).
And I can’t do it.
I tried a lot of things but it was impossible…

There I am stuck on creating a connection with Twitter.

I tried this Callback URL and can’t find how to solve it…:frowning:

If you have the answer and can give me the clue, or just a screenshot, or a blueprint… i think it can help a hundred of persons… :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

I really hope you could help me… I can’t take it anymore

were you able to make this work. I coudn’t figure it out either

Sorry for being late, but I did get a way to make it work!

Basically, you Create a regular tweet with the Twitter API 2.0 Auth, but you can create a reply to it - but only through the older API connection.

  • Create an API call through the original Twitter API. Note, that this seems confusing to make both connections through the website. To make both, you need to make separate connections via different 1.0 and 2.0 calls.
  • Then make an API call.
  • Then you can use the body:

{“text”: “{{InsetTextHere}}”,“reply”:{“in_reply_to_tweet_id”:“{{TweetIDFrom2.0CreateATweet}}”}}

I was told how to also include images, but I was honestly unable to get it work.