💡 How to automate payment processes with Xero, Monday & Make

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:money_with_wings: :moneybag: Managing a mountain of client payments and invoices is no easy feat, but that’s just how the sausage is made when you run a successful business. Tracking payments, drafting invoices, and managing client details come with the territory, but when you’re dealing with 2,500 payments on a daily basis, you may need a little extra help to keep things running smoothly.

Work Perfect’s client was using Xero and Monday Sales CRM concurrently, but, like many businesses, they found that staying on top of both platforms separately meant too much manual work, duplicated efforts, and avoidable human error in their record keeping.

:brain: To sync the two systems, Work Perfect turned to Make to develop a solution.

Using a webhook they were able to get CRM information from Monday, and create or update accounts in Xero automatically. Then, a scheduled Make scenario would list payments on Xero every day.

The results? How about:

:white_check_mark: Zero data loss
:white_check_mark: Better transparency between departments
:white_check_mark: And less admin and support needed for these vital processes.

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What problem were you trying to solve with your automation?

Sync Xero with monday.com CRM: track payments from clients, draft invoices, and manage clients from monday.com to Xero

Why did the problem exist?

Duplication of work due to out-of-sync between the two systems: Time-consuming: takes time checking each customer’s payment one by one Error-prone: easy to make mistakes in copying information manually

How did you solve the problem? What does your solution look like?

With one click in monday.com, inside a Make webhook, the Make scenario gets the CRM information from monday.com and creates/updates an account in Xero. A scheduled Make scenario will list payments on Xero every day. If the account matches the client on the monday.com CRM list, the payment amount will get updated accordingly.

the magic running behind the scenes of the smooth processes

What did your solution achieve?

  • Connect the two systems so that information can be synchronized and kept consistent in the two systems in real-time.
  • Provide payment tracking overview & great user experience for people across departments.
  • Reduce manual and repetitive work.

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