Automatically create Google Calendar invite for members of a Slack channel


Came up here to share how did I manage to save 1 hour of meeting scheduling with 1 scenario on Make :star_struck:

I do have not that regular meetings with a group of people within a Slack channel. Since it’s not everyone at the company, I used to manually invite everyone to the meeting one by one. TBH, that was tedious work… and I questioned whether it is possible to automate with Make?

:hammer_and_wrench: What the scenario does

The high-level concept of a scenario was taking all members of a Slack channel and adding them as meeting members to the Google Calendar invite.

Module 1 - Gets all members of a Slack channel
Module 2 - Gets info of each member (including email)
Module 3 - Stores member’s email only (for easier readability)
Module 4 - Aggregates all members’ emails into 1 array
Module 5 - Creates an event in Google Calendar and sends an array from the previous module as Attendees

:framed_picture: What the scenario looks like

:muscle: Give it a go: scenario blueprint

Feel free to grab the blueprint below, upload it to your Make editor and try out the automation yourself!

Create Google Calendar Invite from Slack channel.json (17.3 KB)

Hope it helps! :smiley:


:make: Slack app on Make
:make: Google Calendar app on Make
:make: Make tools: Set variable
:make: Make tools: Array aggregator


Hi @Anastasia_Make,

Nice solution, however, I have a few questions to see how you are handling some of the aspects of the Automation.

How are you setting the Calender Event Name, Start Date, and End Date? Do you manually change that before running the automation? Also, Since you are relying on this automation, any reason that you are not using Google Calendar integration with Slack for this purpose?


Hi @Runcorn,

I don’t have a need in automating it on schedule, so I just run a scenario once in a while. However, if you need to do it this way if can always add an additional module (e.g. Webhook, Telegram, Email or any Instant Trigger) to the beginning of the scenario and map all needed data from there(Calender Event Name, Start Date, and End Date).

I do like the product, how Make managed to make integrations so simple & user-friendly and it’s simply fun for me :smile:


Heyyy @Anastasia_Make how lovely to see you in the community :wave:

Thanks a bunch for swinging by and sharing that amazing solution and blueprint with us. I’m sure it’s going to be super helpful and inspiring for many folks down the line. Your contribution is truly appreciated! :pray:

Hi @Anastasia_Make, I just tested it out and it worked perfectly. Thanks a lot for making the blueprint available and please share more of your resources if possible :heart_eyes: