Sending a google meeting invite to multiple users dynamically

Hi! I’m new to make and automation, and I’m struggling to map notion attendees to google calendar such that the calendar invite sends to different guests and not just me. Can someone guide me through?

I was able to contact support on this, and thankfully my case has been resolved. Just to share with everyone the solution proposed to me, I used an iterator and an array aggregator to reconstruct the data structure of which google calendar is requesting from the starting module.

Initial Data Structure (Notion):

Step 1: Add both iterator and array aggregator flow control tools.

Step 2: Populate the iterator with the attendees array.

Step 3: Populate the array aggregator with the attendees details required by google calendar.

Step 4: Add the array to the google calendar module.

Expected Output Data Structure (Google Calendar):
Expected Data Structure Output

For more information about flow control, check this link: Flow control

I hope this helps!


Heya @Dominic_Villa welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks so much for getting back to us with the solution! This is super valuable for the community :purple_heart:

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