Sending a Gmail for multiple contact from a Google Calendar event

Hi there !
Trying to create a scenario, where, every 60 min, Make search for an event which is gonna start tomorrow, in order to send a reminder mail. The attendees emails I want to contact are in the event.
It’s okay to search and grab the event with the Google Calendar module, but when I try to map the value “To” in the Gmail module, I only take the first email address (in alphabetical order), ignoring the x others.

How can I do to have all the emails ?
Thanks a lot for your help !


The “Gmail-Send an Email” module requires multiple addresses to be in an array.

What is the structure of the addresses coming from the calendar module?

Google Calendar output :

Variable selector in Gmail Module

Go for get function


Sorry, tried but I don’t know how to use it :slightly_frowning_face:
How do I need to use it here ?


map(x.attendees; "email") ← goes in Gmail “TO”

“x.attendees” should be the attendees array from the calendar output


Thanks a lot !! Resolved.
Gonna be useful.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

Note for begginers like me : no need to add the " of the formula : Make adds it automatically when running scenarios.


Dear Makers,
I am trying to solve similar trouble, but the Array does not solve it unfortunately, see the screen.

What’s wrong?
Thank you in advance

Hi !

your array structure seems different than mine I showed earlier in this thread?
Feel free to open a new thread ?

Hey Lionel,
i’ve found the reason: the toggle MAP was in OFF, need to be ON.
Then will work)
Thank you!