I need some help in creating a Google Calendar event with multiple people

Hi everyone.

I am trying to create an automation that will schedule events in Google Calendar. I am running into an issue when adding the attendees. The attendees of an event could be more than one. So I am choosing the map the attendee’s. Every time I run the scenario an error on the Google Calendar module says “Array of objects expected in parameter ‘attendees’.”.

I have tried a number of ways to create the array.

  1. I’ve used the module Tools: Set Variable:

I am splitting the emails from the comma separated values.


Then I am using the Array Aggregator

Please let me know how I can fix this.

Hey @Mitchel_Thorp,

I think @Runcorn 's reply to this thread will help you along here: Can't Press on the OK button in Google Calendar due to the Attendees - #2 by Runcorn

@NolaDigital this worked perfectly. Thanks so much!