Sending one Gmail to multiple recipients email addresses extracted from a text

Hi there !
Trying to create a scenario, where Make will get email addresses from a text field. Once I got those email addresses, I want to send one email (Gmail) to multiple recipients (all email adresses extracted).

I managed to collect all the email addresses with the Text Parser module. After that, I’m using an array aggregator. However, when I try to map the array value “To” in the Gmail module, it only takes the first email address (in alphabetical order), ignoring the x others.

How can I do to have all the emails ?
Thanks a lot for your help !

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Hey @Guillaume,

You should use an iterator module to send an email for each item in an array. You may not have an array of email addresses yet.

You do seem to have a collection of email addresses, which you can convert to an array using the toArray function.

Hope this was helpful!


Hey Noah,

I followed your instruction but I get this :

Do you know what’s wrong ?


Hey @Guillaume,

Here’s how I did it, although there may be a better solution.

I have used the ‘Match elements’ Text parser module, and used ‘email’ as the thing to match for. This outputs bundles of email addresses.

Then, I used the Array aggregator on those bundles, to map them to an array.

The iterator iterates over each item in that array:

Then, you can use the gmail module after that to send an email to each recipient.

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Hey Noah,

Thanks so far for your help and explanations.

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough in my explanations but I want to send one single email to multiple recipients and not one email to each recipient.

I used the array aggregator but, when I map it into the Gmail module, the email is sent to only one recipient ( instead of 2 ( AND

I hope this is more clear to you.

Hey @Guillaume,

I did indeed misunderstand your question, I don’t believe it’s possible to do this with the Gmail module in a dynamic way. Perhaps there’s some workaround I don’t know about.

You could look into something like SendGrid, Sendinblue, Hubspot or Mailchimp. These tools are more suited for sending emails in bulk.

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Hello Noah,

No problem. I’ll check with Sendgrid.

Thanks a lot for your time and your help :slight_smile:



Hi @NocodeNoah

I’m actually trying todo the same with Glide sending batch mails with Send Grid

Here is the JSON

    ""users"": [{
    ""name"": ""Gary Willmott"",
    ""email"": """"
}, {
    ""name"": ""Gary Willmott TEST"",
    ""email"": """"

Using this setup



Array Aggreg

JSON Parser

But I get this error???
Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 19.06.17

The output of the iterator is this

Looping back I resolved this with help from the Glide Community

Long story short, I removed the Array Aggregator and turned off Map
Screenshot 2022-09-29 at 16.51.58

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