Send one email to multiple - Quick Showcase

Quick Showcase as this took me a bit to figure out today and I see there are a lot of questions on the topic but not any showcases. Always eager to learn so if someone has a better way to solve for this please share!

My use case, I have a Google Sheet with 1 or Many people and email address per location, and on a monthly basis I need to email that 1 or Many with some data. Ideally if there are many, then it’s all in 1 email, so if there are replies everyone is in the loop.

To showcase I have a Google Sheet with column A as the lookup column, and column B has the email addresses.

First module does a search, and returns 3 email addresses in 3 separate bundles.

Next I use a ‘Text Aggregator’ to aggregate the email addresses and separate them using a comma.

Using either Gmail or Email ‘Send an Email’ module, remember to set the ‘To’ field as ‘map = true’ - then use the code {{split(2.text; “,”)}} in the screenshot here. This will format the email addresses in a way that is compatible with both modules.

Success, 1 email is sent to all 3 email addresses.

Hope this showcase is helpful to others trying to figure out how to send 1 email to multiple email addresses.

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Hello there @Joseph_Accountant how lovely to see you stop by the community :wave:

Wow, this is fantastic stuff!

Sending one email to multiple addresses is, indeed, a topic that comes up frequently in the community. Thanks so much for putting together this guide and for sharing it with us all. We 100% appreciate it. :star2:

Keep up the awesome work :clap:

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