How to put several info coming from a column of a Google sheet into a single email?

The question is simple but I tried many things like Iterator, array aggregator, variables, join function… but nothing works.
My script always sends multiple emails or can’t find the data!
Help please, I’m getting exhausted :confused:

Hello @Gerald,

If you can give me more details like a screenshot with your Google sheet output after you run the scenario, what tool do you use to send emails, how is your data structured in Google sheet etc.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you require further assistance.


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You can use a text aggregator after the search rows module of Google Sheet. In the text aggregator, select the source module as the Search Row Module of Google Sheets and then craft the text that you want to put there.

After which, use the gmail module to send email.

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Hi, it’s what I’ve done :slight_smile: I found the beginning of the answer on the forum. Thanks to you :+1: