Bundles to Array and Email list

Hi, I’m stuck trying to send a list of information via email.

  1. I have a Google Sheets search module that returns multiple bundles

  2. Array aggregator taking those bundles to an array

  3. Mailing said array

But only receiving one result and not a list of all results within the array.

How do you set the mail module to pass a list of all array items separated with a new line?

There is a two ways to do this;

  1. Instead of Array Aggregator use Text Aggregator and in advanced settings use a newline as row separator
  2. You can use the array returned from array Aggregator and use map and join function to construct the required body

Thanks for the solution it has helped. I used the text aggregator with join and map functions to display an item within the array that is separated by a new row.

I have a follow-up question, how would I map multiple items to display on the same line?
Currently, it displays only the item specified with the 1.

You are doing it wrong @Juan_Cilliers,

You don’t need the array aggregator, after the Iterator use Text Aggregrator.

I think you miss typed in your first answer on 2. It should’ve been array Iterator and not array aggregator.

None the less I removed the array aggregator and it worked as expected.

I now receive all values from the same bundle separated with a new line for each new record.