Sending multiple google sheet bundles as one gmail

Hi, I have a fairly simple issue, but can’t find anything online that has helped. I am trying to pull a couple columns of data from a google sheet and send an automated email with that data every week. It works how I want it to, except it sends only one bundle of data each email and sending 20 at a time rather than all of the bundles into one email. I’m brand new to Make and have very little experience with HTML so I’m not sure if it’s a Make or HTML question I have?
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Howdy @Tyler_Hix Welcome to the community.

You can aggregate the rows, with the table aggregator, the text aggregator, the csv module, and the regulator aggregator.

I recommend creating CSV, uploading to drive, and attaching in email
or the table/text aggregator and throwing it as html in the email.

The regular aggregator might be a little trickier to setup in this case.

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Also, Don’t feel shy if you need a little bit more help getting there. Ill be around.

If you have followup questions drop some screenshots with them, on how far you made it into the process, it will really help me help you :smiley:

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Hi, use the text aggregator (found at the bottom under tools) and map the data from the GS module. Then map the text aggregator’s output in the Gmail module’s content box.

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