Multiple columns in sheet to go into gmail

Ok I have a google sheet set up with the following columns:
first name, email, message - so that another person can update the spreadsheet to change the messages each week

this is how i set up my scenario
sheets retrieves the first row
iterator to get name
iterator to get email
iterator to get message
send gmail - use value for email, body use iterator value for name, message

my issue that it does not put in the email value and it does not cycle through the rows (or so I think because I can’t get past the email issue).

It would be the equivalent of a transfer in Zapier but I am not sure how to do the equivalent in MAKE.
thanks for your assistance in advance

I have also tried google sheets - get range value
tools - multiple variables
repeater - numbered for the number of rows in the sheet i want to send an email for
gmail - i put the variable for email in the TO, Body has variable name, message

I still get an error on the TO

Please provide some screenshots @Lisa :wink:
This will help a lot more to assist you

step 2

Ok so what my plan was is this:

  1. read google sheets which has the info for first name, email address, message body
  2. then I thought that i had to have them as variables so that it could cycle through the amount of times that it will be needed which could change on a weekly basis so I would prefer not to have a number and rather that it stops on a blank line
  3. is flow control so that it cycles the correct number of times
  4. is creation of the actual email. I currently get an error that : Missing value of required parameter ‘to’.

So the history is that someone else is going to keep the original spreadsheet up-to-date with regards to adding and removing people as well as updating the message.