Text Parse Multiple Values Into Single Row in GoogleSheets

New to the platform and I am getting my feet wet with a personal task. Each time I get receipt emails from my RMT I want to add a single row with 4 different values added to 4 different columns. I have got everything working individually but as you can see in my picture it updates to a new row for each column instead of putting the values from that single email on one row.
How do I collect all of the values from different types of text parses (some date, some $) into a single row in Google sheets?


Hi. Organize the match steps in the same sequence (linked) not in a route. So you can use only one GS step to add the values in the 4 columns at the same row

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@Chloe_Taylor You can do this, or you can still use routes and after each route a “set variable” module to save your variable.
Eventually at the last route, you have 1 “Get Variables” which grabs all data you need from before and then the gSheet “Add row” module to set all data in 1 row.


Oh fantastic; thanks for the help. I managed to get the first version to work

But in the interest of learning, I would love to master this second method mentioned.
How do you grab multiple route variables and collect them into a single module?

Everything I attach only has one join from the left side, but some can have multiple joins from the right. Are there any modules that have a connector with multiple branches to the left to grab the multiple routes?