Dynamically map google calendar attendees

Hi All,
I am switching from zapier to Make.com. I created an automation to send google calendar invites. The problem I am facing is with attendees. I have three group attendees like Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 that also have 2 each array for names and emails in their sequence. These fields can have any number of entries but always will have same number of entries in names and emails and in sequence. Is there any way that I can map all of these attendees dynamically in the calendar module or i have to map one by one ? Any help would be appreciated.

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Could you please provide screenshots of what you are looking at? Not everybody uses Google Calendar, much less likely that someone uses attendee groups.

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Hey @Nickk

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As you mentioned you have emails and names in sequence having individual arrays. Its super easy to do then. Please follow the steps to do so:

  1. First use an iterator after your source module and use merge function to merge all the array containing names only.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 121000

  1. Then use an array aggregator and “create an event” module from google calendar.


  1. Now select “iterator” as source module inside array aggregator and “google calendar” module as “target structure type” inside array aggregator.

  1. Now map name from the iterator and in email field, map the arrays containing emails and merge them, then use get function to call the email in the sequence.

  2. Map the output array from aggregator in attendees in google calendar module.

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Hi @Msquare_Automation

This didn’t work.

I have this array.

Screenshot 2024-06-05 123305

Hey @Nickk

This is the array of text. Hence, you don’t need to use map function. please remove map function and only use merge function.

I hope this will help.

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It worked. Thank you :tada:

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