Airtable Record to Google Calendar with Multiple Attendees

Hi! I’m trying to get an Airtable record to create 1 Zoom meeting and 1 Google Calendar event when I have multiple attendees.

I’ve tried using an iterator, setting multiple variables, and then using an aggregator. This set up would somehow start with 1 output with capturing the attendee name from Airtable, then by the end of the scenario, created 4-8 zoom meetings and calendar events.

My test Airtable record only has 2 attendees for the event, so I am baffled out the expontenial number of output bundles.

I’ve also tried the solution given to someone else with the topic: “Can’t press on the OK button in Google Calendar due to the Attendees.” Can’t Press on the OK button in Google Calendar due to the Attendees - #2 by Runcorn

That solution only captured one email address so it didn’t work as needed either.

The first scenario I had looked like this:

The second looked like this:

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