🌟 Can Automation Help Solve Climate Change?

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Climate change poses a significant threat to our planet’s ecosystems, human societies, and future generations. To address this challenge, we need teams of dedicated experts. Today, we take a look at one such organization: CMCC Foundation – the Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change.

CMCC is a non-profit organization that uses high-resolution simulations to study and model the climate system and its impact on society. As you can imagine, CMCC works with some powerful technology. And, like many organizations, they were looking for ways to innovate, automate, and streamline their internal processes.

They identified three key areas, introduced automation to their processes, and ultimately saw a significant improvement in:

  • Time spent on manual tasks
  • Data entry errors
  • Team productivity

:briefcase: Procurement/purchasing

CMCC streamlined their complex purchasing flows by utilizing Jotform for purchase requests, Monday.com for operational requests, and Make for automated approvals.

:bar_chart: Results:

  • Time to enter a purchase request :arrow_down: 85%
  • Errors in data entry :arrow_down: 78%
  • Calls to check order progress :arrow_down: 60%

:moneybag: Fundraising

Thanks to simple automations, CMCC transformed their manual process of creating and distributing a bulletin for fundraising support.

:bar_chart: Results:

  • Time to compile the bulletin :arrow_down: 75%
  • Errors in data entry :arrow_down: 70%
  • Frequency of bulletin sent - :arrow_up: 200%

:busts_in_silhouette: HR

To effectively monitor working hours and timesheets for their large team, CMCC implemented an automated solution utilizing a form builder and automatic distribution via email or an SFTP server.

:bar_chart: Results:

  • Time to complete a timesheet :arrow_down: 85%
  • Errors in data entry :arrow_down: 75%
  • Timesheets submitted on time - :arrow_up: 50%

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