🌟 Gamifying Environmental Awareness through Automation

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We’re back with the latest installment of our “Impact Stories”, where we introduce organizations that serve their communities - and the world - for the better. The power of automation is alive and well, and it’s helping these organizations achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

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French association Ma Petite Planète (meaning My Little Planet, aka MPP) is tackling the problem of climate change head on, with the motto that “the planet is everybody’s business.” With this in mind, they created a program to inspire others to take small but meaningful steps toward environmental conservation in a fun, engaging way.

MPP hosts team competitions that give players ecologically-themed challenges to complete in order to earn points. With programs designed for both adults and students, their initiative has grown significantly since its inception in 2019, and they soon discovered the need for a little automation to help their processes run more smoothly.

Broadly speaking, automating their workflows has enabled them to:

:email: Keep players informed during app-based game play/challenges
:mortar_board: Support teachers with additional educational resources
:bar_chart: Maintain game and challenge data in an organized, accessible way.

They’re now poised to make a huge impact across France, with the goal of onboarding over 1 million new players by the end of 2024.

We wish Ma Petite Planète and all players the best of luck!

:point_right: Head to our blog for the full story of the processes they automated and the solutions they have achieved.

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