🟣 Releases on Make: May 2023

Hey Makers :wave:

In May, we created and updated whole lotta modules for our existing apps.
Come check them out!

:jigsaw: New / Updated Modules :jigsaw:

:jigsaw: BigQuery

  • Watch Rows

BigQuery on Make
BigQuery Web

:jigsaw: CallTrackingMetrics

  • Watch Call/Activity Started
  • Watch Call Ended
  • Watch Call Ended (Delayed)
  • Watch Session Associated to the Activity Record

CallTrackingMetrics on Make
CallTrackingMetrics Web

:jigsaw: Factorial

  • Watch Attendance Clock In
  • Watch Attendance Clock Out
  • Watch Employee Created
  • Watch Employee Terminated
  • Watch Employee Unterminate

Factorial on Make
Factorial Web

:jigsaw: HubSpot

  • Create a Contact
  • Create a Company
  • Create a Deal
  • Update a Contact
  • Update a Company
  • Update a Deal

HubSpot on Make
HubSpot web

:jigsaw: Knack

  • ‘New Event’: now also triggers when a form is submitted

Knack on Make
Knack Web

:jigsaw: NetSuite

  • Make a REST API Call

NetSuite on Make
NetSuite Web

:jigsaw: Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

  • List Email Campaigns (module updated)
  • Get an Email Campaign (module updated)
  • Watch Email Campaigns (module updated)

Brevo on Make
Brevo Web

:jigsaw: SMSAPI

  • Watch New Callback Report

SMSAPI on Make

:jigsaw: SurveyMonkey

  • Create a Collector

SurveyMonkey on Make
SurveyMonkey Web

:jigsaw: Time Doctor

  • Create a Time Entry
  • Delete a Time Entry
  • List Time Entries

Time Doctor on Make
Time Doctor Web

:jigsaw: Trello [v4]

  • Create Export for Organizations (module updated)

Trello on Make
Trello Web

:jigsaw: Twitter [v6]

  • Add a Member to a List
  • Watch Direct Messages
  • Delete a Tweet
  • Search Users
  • List Direct Messages
  • List Retweeters
  • List Likes
  • List Mentions
  • Update Profile Image
  • List Lists

Twitter on Make
Twitter Web

:jigsaw: Zoom [v2]

  • ‘Watch User Activities’ now also triggers upon presence status

Zoom on Make
Zoom Web