🟣 Releases on Make: July 2022

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August’s here! And with it, yet another summary of newly released apps on Make. So, let’s dive right in :diving_mask: :make:

:purple_circle: New Apps on Make :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: Costbucket

Costbucket is an end-to-end inventory management solution that tracks the purchase and storage of products from suppliers, product costing, and customer sales. The software helps small businesses with sales automation and inventory management while saving their time and money.

:purple_circle: HelloSign

HelloSign has the power to add legally valid signatures to all kinds of agreements. New-hire offer letters, loans to sales contracts, NDAs, you name it. HelloSign is a solution capable of automating and managing important business transactions and it is, therefore, helpful for small startups as well as large enterprise companies.

:purple_circle: Pinboard

Pinboard.In is a social bookmarking app with a range of features that ensure smooth user experience. To name a few: an easy import and export in delicious format, nightly database backups, a “to read” status for later viewing, private bookmarks, private tags, and simplified bulk editing.

:purple_circle: Post My Link

Post My Link is a service that allows you to create shareable and short links. Why? Because short links represent a powerful marketing tool. They’re a medium between your customer and their destination and they allow you to collect tons of data about your users and their behaviors.

:purple_circle: Pulseem

Pulseem offers advanced solutions that focus on delivering large amounts of marketing emails. It’s a web-based system that gives businesses the possibility of communicating with their customers and helps stop the spreading of spam email.

:purple_circle: Robly

Robly is an email service provider for businesses of all sizes specializing in supporting charities, nonprofits, education sections, and religious organizations. Leveraging proprietary automation and AI technology, it helps beginners and experts achieve higher open rates and grow email lists.

:purple_circle: Tisane

Tisane Labs develops and distributes artificial intelligence software to detect abusive & problematic textual content. The solution identifies cyberbullying, personal attacks, hate speech, sexual advances, obfuscated profanities, criminal activity, and more.

:purple_circle: Trainual

Trainual is a software platform that helps businesses build playbooks to train and grow their teams. With Trainual, companies can centralize knowledge, organize their processes, policy, and SOP. They can also create learning systems to streamline their onboarding and training processes.

:purple_circle: Typebot

With Typebot’s powerful blocks, you get to create unique chat experiences and embed them directly in your applications without using any code. The software lets you place the form anywhere on your web/mobile apps and easily start collecting results.

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