🟣 Releases on Make: December 2022

Hey Makers :wave:

Let’s say goodbye to 2022 with one last summary of apps we released in its final month.
Check out the apps and modules of December :nerd_face:

:purple_circle: New Apps on Make :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: 8x8

8x8 is a Software-as-a-Service provider of voice, video, chat, contact center, and enterprise-class API solutions powered by one global cloud communications platform. 8x8 empowers workforces worldwide to connect individuals and teams so they can collaborate faster and work smarter.

:purple_circle: Caspio (new version)

Caspio is a no-code tool for building online database applications. The all-in-one platform provides everything you need to digitally transform business operations and workflows: an integrated cloud database, a visual application builder, enterprise-grade security, regulatory compliance, and scalable global infrastructure.

:purple_circle: Cin7

Cin7 is a cloud-based inventory management software and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) alternative that streamlines operations across multiple channels in a single platform. It caters to the inventory and order management needs of B2B, B2C, online stores, and brick-mortar.

:purple_circle: LeadSquared

LeadSquared is a HIPPA-compliant Healthcare CRM made to increase patient intake, engagement, and retention. LeadSquared improves your team’s productivity, lets you automate manual tasks, and allows you to run a more patient-centered practice.

:purple_circle: Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is a bio link aggregator that offers multiple options for presenting your bio links and helps to manage multiple links at the same time.

:purple_circle: Loopify

Loopify is an intuitive marketing automation tool. It operates on a drag-and-drop basis which makes it easy for the users to create campaigns across channels, engage, and attract customers.

:purple_circle: Neuroflash

Neuroflash’s AI-powered marketing copy creation software helps marketing teams create copy much faster, in a smarter, more efficient way. The tool supports human creativity with AI-backed performance prediction which results in better performance and more confident copywriters.

:purple_circle: OnePageCRM

OnePageCRM is a CRM that helps small and medium-sized businesses stay in control of their sales. Thanks to OnePageCRM, you get to focus on what needs to be done next, follow up with every lead, keep the team on the same page, and close more deals, one sales action at a time.

:purple_circle: OpenAI

A true hot topic nowadays! Learn more about Open AI on Make through this community tag:
Topics tagged open-ai

:purple_circle: PeerBoard

PeerBoard is a community software for private and public communities, SMBs, or individuals. It provides a categorized newsfeed, visual customization, rich user profiles, and multi-level commenting.

:purple_circle: Process Street (new version)

Process Street is a process management platform for teams. The tool helps teams share their core processes and transform them into no-code workflows. You can, for example, start with employee onboarding to set up new hires for success, then build all sorts of workflows like customer implementation, content approvals and tenant screening.

:purple_circle: QuickChart

QuickCharts is an open-source chart image API. It lets you generate chart images and add them to emails, reports, etc. with a simple, open API.

:purple_circle: SpreadsheetWeb Hub

SpreadsheetWeb Hub is a no-code platform that helps businesses translate their collective Excel expertise into robust web applications, empowering them to create secure, responsive, database-driven applications directly from their spreadsheets.

:purple_circle: Statuspage

Atlassian’s Statuspage is a tool for incident communication during downtime. Instead of hosting your own pages and maintaining cumbersome email lists, you can rely on Statuspage to deliver a great experience for your customers with features like email & text notifications, incident templates, and Uptime Showcase.

:purple_circle: Yay! Forms

Yay! Forms is a cloud-based solution that enables businesses to create and share custom forms for AI-enabled surveys.

:jigsaw: New Modules on Make :jigsaw:

:jigsaw: Apaleo

  • Watch Apaleo Events

:jigsaw: Caflou

  • Update Income/Expense
  • Update Timesheet
  • Update Time Entry
  • Update Task
  • Update Received Invoice
  • Update Project
  • Update bank payment
  • Update Issued Invoice
  • Update Event
  • Update Contact
  • Update Company

:jigsaw: Eden AI

  • Anonymize Text

:jigsaw: FAPI

  • Získat data voucheru

:jigsaw: GoodBarber

  • Watch New Appointment Booking

:jigsaw: Handwrytten

  • Get Address Book
  • Create Contact
  • Schedule Card

:jigsaw: Smartlook

  • Watch Notes
  • Watch Issues

:jigsaw: wflow.com

  • Načíst dokument