🟣 Releases on Make: October 2022

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Let’s wave this workweek goodbye with an overview of the apps released on Make during the previous month :rocket: :nerd_face:

:purple_circle: 602 Sofa

Sofa is a service for fast digitization of companies and offices. It lets you manage documents, data reports, and processes and it features electronic signature and smart archiving directly in Microsoft 365.

:purple_circle: Apolearn

Apolearn is a collaborative and social platform that offers digital learning, online training & social interaction tools for professionals.

:purple_circle: Baserow

Baserow is an open source no-code database and Airtable alternative. It helps you connect all your data across your teams and workflows to keep everything in sync and get the job done.

:purple_circle: Bookafy

Bookafy is an online scheduling software that helps you manage your meetings and appointments.

:purple_circle: Browse AI

Browse AI is a no-code, cloud-based web automation software that extracts and monitors structured data from any website on the internet.

:purple_circle: Captain Data

Captain Data helps you manage your ambitious sales and marketing workflows. When you need to scale complex workflows, Captain Data is here to support your sales, marketing and operations teams.

:purple_circle: Cloudpress

With Cloudpress, you can easily publish content from Google Docs and Notion to various Content Management Systems. In other words, you get to use the writing tools that you love and then simply export your work to your blog or website.


Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for your team. It helps effectively create and manage all of your multilingual content in one place

:purple_circle: Cuttly

Cuttly is a link shortener that helps you manage your links and monitor their performance in analytics that display clicks, social media clicks, and page referrer.

:purple_circle: Dootax

Dootax is a tax solution that automates the payment and issuing of all tax, municipal, and federal guides. Thanks to Dootax, you can automate all aspects of your financial department and therefore simplify your company’s finances.

:purple_circle: Easybill

Easybill is a cloud-based invoice software that saves your time, effort, and nerves by letting you create invoices, offers, and delivery notes.

:purple_circle: Engage

Engage provides marketing automation tools that help deliver personalized campaigns and automate your customer onboarding, conversion and retention messages.

:purple_circle: FluentCRM

FluentCRM is a CRM for the Retail segment and a self-hosted email marketing automation plugin for WordPress. Thanks to FluentCRM’s email manager, you can create mass email campaigns that can have a significant impact on conversion rates.

:purple_circle: Formaloo

Formaloo is a collaboration platform that lets you build forms, access-controlled databases, and customizable business apps without any code - all in one place.

:purple_circle: Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a WordPress form builder that lets you create single contact forms as well as complex multi-page forms with conditional logic, calculations, and file uploads.

:purple_circle: Freelo

Freelo is a collaboration tool that helps you organize your projects into a Kanban board which ensures simpler navigation and simplifies task delegation.

:purple_circle: Grist

Grist is a relational spreadsheet that helps you import data, link records across tables, and arrange your data in any layout that’s ideal for you.

:purple_circle: iCount

iCount is an online accounting & business management system that caters to basic as well as most advanced needs.

:purple_circle: IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud is a financial data infrastructure platform. It connects developers and financial data creators and therefore makes building and scaling financial apps easier.

:purple_circle: Linx Commerce

Linx Commerce is an eCommerce platform that offers the features you need to make your online sales more profitable, increase traffic, and generate more conversions.

:purple_circle: Logbookie

Logbokie is a manual and GPS car logbook that monitors vehicles in the entire EU, prevents the misuse of company vehicles, and monitors fuel consumption. Thanks to that, it helps decrease your costs, saves time, and bring profit.

:purple_circle: Mailmodo

Mailmodo is a no-code email service provider with all the features of a traditional ESP like email analytics, sending transactional campaigns, email automation, and drip emails with customer journey.

:purple_circle: Metabase

Metabase is an open-source analytics and business intelligence application that allows you to build charts, dashboards, and email or Slack reports.

:purple_circle: Mollie

Mollie is a payments platform that lets you integrate payments into a site or an app. With Mollie, you can create any payment plan that suits your business and easily collect your recurring payments.

:purple_circle: Moon Invoice

Moon Invoice, an online invoicing app, allows you to create and send invoices, estimates and quotes within a matter of seconds.

:purple_circle: Mural

MURAL is a digital whiteboard collaboration space, where teams work together in real-time or asynchronously. Consulting, innovation, product, information technology, and executive leadership teams collaborate visually with MURAL

:purple_circle: Natif.ai

Natif.ai lets businesses efficiently manage, control, and connect documents. Thanks to Natif.ai, you can increase speed processing, avoid mistakes, reduce technology costs and improve productivity.

:purple_circle: NocoDB

NocoDB is an open-source Airtable alternative that transforms existing databases into a smart spreadsheet.

:purple_circle: Norns AI

Norns AI is an automated lead intelligence that lets B2B marketers to automate getting insights about the content their target audiences or specific prospects write, like, or comment.

:purple_circle: Persat

Persat is a field service management solution designed to help businesses manage operations related to logistics, distribution, service dispatch, maintenance, and more.

:purple_circle: PLANTA pulse

PLANTA pulse is a tool for organizing projects and tasks, and for accommodating project team members with different authorizations. It allows easier management of larger projects and allows teams of all sizes to collaborate and manage their tasks.

:purple_circle: Procountor

Procountor is a system that allows fully electronic financial management and promises quick implementation. The software includes functions such as purchase invoice processing, invoicing, accounts ledger and payroll accounting.

:purple_circle: RapiWha

RapiWha is enterprise-Level API for WhatsApp gateway that lets you Integrate WhatsApp to your own services or apps.

:purple_circle: ReCharge

Recharge is a subscription management solution that helps ecommerce merchants of all sizes launch and scale subscription offerings.

:purple_circle: RegFox

RegFox is software that allows you to host your events. It offers full branding control, an event page builder, a check-in app, a registrant CRM, instant funding, and more.

:purple_circle: Rentman

Rentman is a resource management and planning software for the Audiovisual, Event & Party industries. It allows you to manage your projects from start to finish, i.e. to schedule resources, track your inventory, and send and create quotes.

:purple_circle: Responder.live

Responder.live allows you to create e-mail messages and Facebook messages with a clean design that will make your brand memorable and nudge the recipients to action.

:purple_circle: Signaturit

Signaturit is an electronic signature software designed to offer trust services that guarantee the legal security of all digital transactions.

:purple_circle: SimplyBook.me

SimplyBook.me is an online appointment scheduling software that is suitable for companies of all sizes.

:purple_circle: TAAPI.IO

TAAPI.IO is a straightforward REST API and price data provider for fetching popular Technical Analysis Indicator Data for investors and traders.

:purple_circle: Uzeli Salon Software

Uzeli Salon software is a simple all-in-one software that helps you save time managing appointments, reduce revenue leakage, acquire and retain clients, and streamline staff payout calculation.

:purple_circle: VERSAT.IO CRM

VERSAT.IO is a data management system that digitizes and simplifies the information paths of your business processes.

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