🟣 Releases on Make: September 2022

Hey Makers :wave:

Hope someone has managed to make you smile since it’s World Smile Day today.
Whether you feel like grinning or not really, you can check out the apps released on Make in September.

:purple_circle: 29 Next

29 Next is an eCommerce platform for direct-to-customer performance marketing. It allows brands to get new products to market as quickly as possible, optimize marketing campaigns, and manage growth at scale.

:purple_circle: AddMe Reviews

AddMe is a reputation management software that allows businesses to take control of their online customer reviews. It’s a centralized platform that lets you request customer feedback and monitor incoming reviews.

:purple_circle: AdRoll

AdRoll is a marketing and advertising platform that lets eCommerce brands launch display ads, social media ads, and emails that help engage existing customers, attract new ones, and grow revenue.

:purple_circle: Bitskout

Bitskout is no-code data extraction software that helps IT teams detect document types and automate, classify, compare, and forecast data. Thanks to the simple UI, users can set up a smart plugin powered by no-code and add it to their tools of choice.

:purple_circle: Custify

Custify is a customer success platform designed for SaaS businesses. The software helps you reduce churn and increase customer lifetime value. All that wrapped in an easy-to-use, modern design.

:purple_circle: Fortnox

Fortnox is an invoicing and accounting software for small businesses. It’s a centralized platform that covers accounting, billing, salary management, financial services, and more.

:purple_circle: GanttPRO

GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart software for project management. It’s a tool for project, product, and portfolio managers, team leaders, CEOs, etc. to keep their planning simple, team members engaged, and clients or partners in the loop.

:purple_circle: JW Player

JWP is a platform for broadcasters, publishers, etc. to accelerate and scale their video strategy. It is a tool that can be used to stream video, engage audiences on any screen, and monetize content.

:purple_circle: LearnWorlds

LearnWorlds is an all-in-one eLearning solution to support you in monetizing your skills, knowledge, and audience. It is a tool for any professionals or businesses who want to train employees, educate customers, or create and sell online courses.

:purple_circle: Selly Erp

Selly Erp is a cloud-based software for Italy-based SMBs. It is a unified platform that helps businesses with managing customers, sales, activities, invoicing, purchases, warehouses, projects, and administration.