🏡 Make Community Roundup: May 2024 [CR]

Hello Makers :wave:

Who’s ready for another round of applause and celebration of our amazing community members? Prepare to go absolutely crazy and let’s get to it! :partying_face:

:star2: Huge shoutout to the incredible stars who shined the brightest in our community over the past month. Your unwavering dedication and efforts have made a great impact. Thank you.

:1st_place_medal: @samliew
:2nd_place_medal: @alex.newpath
:3rd_place_medal: @Henk-Operative

Honorary mentions this month go to: @Donald_Mitchell and @Msquare_Automation.

:person_cartwheeling: As always, we have a newbie who stood out and showed up with an incredible drive and focus. Congratulations on being the New Maker of the Month @Bilal_Mansouri

:metal: Over the past month, we’ve seen stellar contributions, insightful and innovative solutions, and a great deal of hard work. We deeply appreciate your efforts and dedication to our forum.

:ladder: Last but not least we want to highlight those of you who acquired the Insider badge! It’s great to see you climb that community ladder @Henk-Operative, @Bilal_Mansouri, @TheWolfyAmongUs, @Turoxit, @Sam_Krausz.


:100: Worth Checking Out

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:bulb: Tremendous Tips

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