Alice - an app that runs Make scenarios with AI 👀

Hey Makers :wave:

When ChatGPT first came out we had a realisation, that it can create JSON-formatted answers from our input and prompts.

This idea did not let us sleep at night. What if we have an AI assistant that could run our Make scenarios??

We already have hundreds of scenarios in place.

We have our custom APIs for our products and workflows - granting access, issuing invoices, refunds and more.

Problem is we need structured data, Airtable, and a specific JSON input for the automation to execute it. And it’s not bulletproof!

What if… AI could handle all this?

Wouldn’t it be sweet if I could just ask my assistant to add new customer, and it will create proper structure, trigger the scenario, and then pass the data to all my tools?

So, here we are, almost 2 years later.

In the point, where we have Alice - a desktop app we’ve made for us and our teams, that we simply can’t live without. It’s the best versions of agency LLMs can offer for now.

The concept of Alice is simple:

  1. It’s a native app for macOS and Windows
  2. It can save prompts as Snippets
  3. It can connect to any scenario via Webhook and trigger it to run with proper data

It’s also the fastest LLM productivity experience we can think of, with many models, including offline and Groq, making scenario triggering fast and smooth.

We’ve made Alice for Make and its users, like us. I’d love you guys to try it and let me know, what you think.

The app is here:

And here’s the playlist I’ve made for you:

Normally, the app is behind paywall because we grant free AI credits, but I’m opening it for you to give it a spin for FREE. All I need in return is your honest feedback :green_heart:

Please, just fill in this form, and I will grant you trial access to Alice:

We’re so curious what you think about this? Do you have any questions? Please, let us know in the comments!

Greg and Adam
Makers of Alice


Using already few months and is Stunning!!! Already saving more them 80h a month just because Alice. Thanks Greg and Adam!!!

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Hey Greg and Adam :wave:

Alice sounds amazing! The ability to automate scenarios with AI and streamline workflows is impressive. Can’t wait to try it out and see how it boosts productivity. Thanks for the free trial—looking forward to giving feedback!

Wojtek :green_heart:

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The app is extremely helpful.

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An awesome tool and really must have in your tool stack :star_struck: