How to Scrape Any Website using Make?

In this video, We’ll show you how to scrape any website using Make and leveraging the power of AI.

First, We’ll demonstrate how to gather data from any online source and transform it into structured, usable information using AI techniques. We’ll then store the scraped data securely in a Google Sheet.

Next, We’ll take you through scraping a large, multinational data source like Zillow. We’ll build custom parsers, apply clever headers to avoid detection mechanisms and show you how to export the extracted data to a Google Sheet for further analysis or use cases.

Buckle up as we explore the world of web scraping, harnessing AI capabilities to extract valuable insights from websites efficiently and reliably.

P.S: Between, more videos are in the pipeline. Comment the videos you look forward in coming days.

Check out this video:

@Msquare_Automation Nicely done! I also recommend the use of the XML > Perform XPath Query to target elements in the source code :slight_smile:

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@hideyukishibata Thanks for the feedback. Will try the same and see the results.

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