🔥 App Spotlight: YouTube

Hey Makers :wave:

The moment we’ve been so eagerly waiting for has come. YouTube is finally a part of Make! Let’s explore all the modules and possibilities together! :tada:

Why should we be excited? :partying_face:
Not only is YouTube one of the world’s largest video-sharing platforms with more than 2,7 billion monthly active users, but it has been the most requested app integration on our Idea Exchange!

By bringing YouTube into Make we can help unlock new opportunities to build and automate systems that improve productivity and drive business outcomes.

What modules are available?

  • Upload a Video
  • Watch Videos by Search
  • Watch Videos in a Channel
  • Watch Videos in a Playlist

PS: Stay tuned for the following updates because we will be releasing more modules and templates soon!

Helpful Resources:

:make: YouTube on Make
:make: YouTube in our Help Center


Thank you :pray:

We’ve been waiting for this integration for far too long! Hope the other YouTube endpoints can be implemented soon.

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I’m excited about this app and have tried to use it, but the results haven’t been great so far.

For example: when doing a search by channel it’s not pulling the full details from the Description. There’s also no video tags or maxres thumbnail image available. It’s also pulling & instead of & (but I understand that can be fixed with a find and replace).