Presenting "Youtube Custom App" on

Presenting “Youtube Custom App” on
This video demonstrates the new YouTube Custom App developed in MAKE (formerly Integromat)

To get an invitation to the YouTube Custom App, kindly fill out the below form:

Watch the App demonstration in our channel:


There is not a upload video action avaible?

Hi @Spacebom
Thanks for your feedback. We have not added this module considering the data transfer limits or issues users will face due to large video size uploads.
However, we are collecting feedback from the users to update with new modules, add extra features etc.


Does the YouTube API allow pull requests from URLs? Similar to Vimeo.

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No, we have not seen that option. Vimeo’s feature is good to save data.


What’s the method you are using in your custom app for verifying the license key for the subscription?

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We have a separate app for uploading 3 videos max per day (ideally 1)

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What is this?

I would like to use Make, it seems better than the others however it has a lot less integrations, and the lack of a good youtube one is super problematic.

Like that you created something, but what’s the link?

Hi @Ryan_Scott

This is a custom app built in Make with all youtube integrations. We have lifetime and subscription plans as well/ Check out the below link: