Upload Video Module Now Live in YouTube App

Attention Makers!

Just now we have released our new YouTube module “Upload a Video” version 1.1

New Features:

  1. Direct upload with Video URL
  2. Low Data Transfer
  3. Publish as Private, Public or Unlisted
  4. Add Title, Description and Tags
  5. Schedule Publish Time
  6. Declare if a video is made for kids or not

Start automating the world of videos with us. To try our app, kindly fill out the below form:

For more details, visit our website @ https://www.msquare.pro


Can you upload via a url to YouTube ? Provide a download url of a video and this app makes YouTube grab the file directly from the url without passing the data payload through make?

You can input the video URL for upload. For inputting video URLs, there won’t be any data usage in Make.

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