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Our Apps family boasts numerous exceptional apps and solutions. To spotlight our partners and their capabilities, we created the “Technology Partners Spotlight” series, a community-focused initiative. Whether you seek an alternative or something unique, keep an eye on this series for potential solutions. You just might find what you’ve been searching for.

Today we’re shining the light on ezeep Blue Printing! :flashlight:

:computer: What does ezeep Blue Printing do and what category does it fit in?

It is a print automation tool that is perfect for streamlining order fulfilment in e-commerce and logistics, as well as for automating office printing. Using a web app in Make and want to print? ezeep Blue is your go-to solution!

:star2: What is ezeep Blue Printing’s superpower or unique selling point?

ezeep Blue is the most advanced print automation tool on the market in terms of performance, speed, and printer compatibility. This is possible due to over 20 years of specialization in print output for enterprises.

:busts_in_silhouette: Who are ezeep Blue Printing’s typical customers and what are their use cases?

Small to medium-sized e-commerce operations looking to automate order fulfilment from their ERP, organizations that charge for printing and want to automate billing, and office companies that wish to automate regular printing tasks.

:scream_cat: What is the biggest challenge your customers face without using ezeep Blue Printing?

Without ezeep, customers struggle every time a web app generates a print file that needs to be passed on to a remote printer. Without a cloud service to broker the connection between the printer and the web app, it becomes very difficult to deliver print output and requires well-funded networking knowledge.

:rocket: What can users do with ezeep Blue Printing and Make?

Here are a few examples of how users can combine ezeep Blue with Make:

  • Send labels from SAP to a remote printer

A customer, an industrial company, uses the ERP system from SAP. The company is looking for an efficient and reliable solution to send labels from SAP to a printer on a remote site.

With Make and ezeep, labels are generated from SAP and automatically stored in a OneDrive folder. The saved labels are printed directly from OneDrive via Make and ezeep automatically. They are sent and printed to warehouse employees in a remote warehouse, and all this works with their existing zebra label printer fleet.

  • Print invoices receipts

An event management company handles a lot of receipts for the external services they book. It is a manual and time-consuming process.

With Make and ezeep, you can build a workflow that automates this entire process. Emails containing invoice attachments are picked up by Make and sent over to a Onedrive folder. These attachments are then secured in this online cloud storage and automatically printed by ezeep Blue to a printer of their choice.

  • Print labels to streamline order fulfilment

When a customer places an order in your online store, particularly smaller operations have a lot of manual tasks which need to be completed – including the printing of shipping labels, invoices and picking lists.

:thought_balloon:To the Makers…

We made ezeep as easy to use as Make – printing doesn’t need to be complicated. We hope this integration helps you to have one less thing to manage in your day-to-day operations.

Connect Make with ezeep Blue Printing

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