Day 9/9 - Extract data from a document with Make and OpenAI GPT 4

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Extraer datos desde un documento con Make y OpenAI GPT 4

Extract data from a document with Make and OpenAI GPT 4

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to extract data from a document?

Do not look any further! You can extract data quickly and easily with Make and OpenAI GPT4 and artificial intelligence.

Imagine extracting important information from any document, such as names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails, in seconds.

Wait for new documents in a Drive folder
We download the documents
We execute a prompt to extract the data
We move the files to the processed folder
We save the data in a Google spreadsheet

With Make and OpenAI GPT4, this is possible. You only need to upload the document and let the system do the rest.

Stop wasting time searching and collecting information manually; join the automation with Make and OpenAI GPT4!

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how can we fork this?

Thanks so much for this! I signed up for Chat GBT Plus and a paid API plan, but Chat GPT 4 (vs 3.5) is not showing up as an option in my Make chat completion module. Did you have to get approved as an Open AI Developer for Chat GPT 4 to appear as an open in your Make scenario?

I had exactly this same issue. In the end I joined the GPT 4 API waiting list and got approved in about a week, then GPT 4 appeared as an option for me on Make.


Hi there, is it possible to get the blueprint for this, im just not too sure how we can submit the file data to GPT is it the binary data.

hello, does this also work for links within the google drive???