Text >> OpenAI ChatGTP >> Download - error


I used a template within Make.com for

Watch Drive >> Download Drive >> Whisper >> Create >> Download

I would really love for OpenAi to pull the transcribe and then summarise it into an initial Blog Post for us to edit with. Basically automate having to copy and paste it into ChatGTP ourselves

I have attached what it looks like, I believe everything is working but the last part which is downloading what ChatGTP created at the end.

It appears ChatGTP worked, but I can’t tell other than it not showing errors.

Hopefully the screenshots help,


Screenshot 2023-11-10 at 16.39.10

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Hi @Xander,

Could you add 2 screenshots:

  • the output bundle of the last OpenAI module call (number 4)
  • the data mapping of the "Create a Document " module (number 10) ?

What is this m4a extension file in your last screenshot?


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