OpenAI Automation

Hey makers!

Hope this finds you well.

I’d love a hand if anyone is willing.

I’m working on an automation that sends an airtable record to Open AI for a completion, then sends the OpenAI completion back to airtable.

The automation currently goes:
Airtable Record matches conditions > Make custom webhook > Airtable get a record > OpenAI create a completion > Airtable Update record.

And am getting hung up on the OpenAI create a completion module. I keep getting a [429] Error telling me “You exceeded your current quota, please check your plan and billing details” error message.

BUT I’ve upgraded my OpenAI account in both the front end and the backend.

So I’ve upgraded to Chat GPT 4 AND I’ve bought developer credits. But am still getting the error message inside make.

What I’m trying to do is when a record matches conditions on airtable - send the content of that record to Chat GPT for copy work THEN send the Chat GPT completion back to Airtable.

Any help would be super appreciated!

Try deleting all OpenAI API keys, and OpenAI Connections in Make, and recreate those connections using new API keys. Also check to see if you’ve set your monthly quota/limit to $0.