Airtable + OpenAI Automation

Could someone give me a hand with this? I’ve been stumped on it for the last handful of days and haven’t heard back from Makes support.

I’m new at this so be easy on me.

I’m working on an automation that sends an airtable record to Open AI for a completion, then sends the OpenAI completion back to airtable.

The automation currently goes:
Airtable Record matches conditions > custom webhook > Airtable get a record > OpenAI create a completion > Airtable Update record.

And am getting hung up on the Airtable get a record module. For whatever reason the airtable record ID isn’t populating.

The automation works on the first step inside airtable, the webhook populates but just doesn’t seem to be grabbing the airtable record ID.

Make a quick vid walking through the automation here:Recording #365

Any help would be super appreciated!

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Hello @folkore,

In Airtable, you can get record ID like this: inputData.recordid



@Donald_Mitchell oh! Progress! Amazing, thank you!

updated the airtable code to inputData.recordid and ran the automation again.
I’ve gotta be missing something. This is what I get:


You could remove: const { RecordId } = inputData; on line 4

Then, replace RecordId with inputData.recordid on line 5


okay, for anyone who stumbles on this thread with a similar issue - the code that worked for me inside airtable is:

let inputData = input.config();

let response =${inputData.recordid};


Hey @folkore :wave:

I’m glad that you and @Donald_Mitchell got the ball rolling and came up with a solution :muscle:.

Also thank you so much for keeping the community in mind and coming back to us with the information so other users can use it while dealing with similar troubles. We highly appreciate it :sunny:

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