🔥 Feature Spotlight: Extra Operations Auto-Purchasing

Hey Makers :wave:

We’re happy to announce the latest addition to Make: extra operations auto-purchasing!

Thanks to this brand-new feature, you can now effortlessly manage unexpected peaks in your operations and prevent downtime to your critical business processes.

:old_key: Key benefits:

  • Safety net: Say goodbye to predicting consumption peaks and manually purchasing additional operations to keep scenarios running smoothly.

  • Zero downtime: Whenever your operations run low, 10,000 operations will be automatically purchased, ensuring that your scenarios remain uninterrupted at all times.

  • Easy to get started: Activating Extra Operations Auto Purchasing is a breeze. Go to your organizational dashboard and enable the new feature in a few clicks.

:rocket: Extra operations auto-purchasing is available on the following Make plans:

  • Core
  • Pro
  • Teams

To learn more, check out :arrow_right: our detailed guide.


It is a great feature… but why do you charge more for that?
It doesn’t make sense for me, what is your justification for this?

HI rfrancisco,

When customers choose to purchase operations as part of a recurring plan, we are able to offer those operations at a lower rate than operations that are purchased in an ad-hoc and unpredictable manner.