Day 8/9 - Turn your videos into WordPress articles with Make and OpenAI GPT4

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Transforma tus videos en art穩culos de WordPress con Make y OpenAI GPT4

Turn your videos into WordPress articles with Make and OpenAI GPT4

Do you want to reach a larger audience with your YouTube videos?

Turn them into WordPress articles in seconds with Make and OpenAI GPT4!

  1. I select a YouTube video from a Google spreadsheet.
  2. I extract the transcript of the video.
  3. I extract the positioned keywords from the video.
  4. I use all this information to give it context in a GPT4 prompt, thus generating the article on WordPress.
  5. I create the article in a draft version on WordPress.




Could you automatically publish the article?
Yes, but I think the texts should be reviewed before being published, and the truth is that it doesnt cost much.

In short, upload the video and let Make, and the artificial intelligence do the work. That is easy!

You no longer have to worry about creating new content from scratch.
Make your job easier with Make and OpenAI GPT4!

Important: This scenario makes use of 2 custom applications, the people of Msquare shared a discount code with me.

Code: Francisco99

what is the point of extracting positioned keywords from the video if I may ask? What does it do exactly?

Use these keywords in the prompt so that the article contemplates them, thus increasing the possibilities of positioning the article in Google.

If the video is positioned for those keywords, it is very sure that it will also position the article in Google.

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its good to think about the focus keyword, but this will be even better to have another OpenAI modules for it to research for extended keywords based on the focus keyword, then another modules to generate an outline for the blog. Then iterate it through the outline to have each section written, then end with a text aggregator to combine all of them into one text body before put all of that into Wordpress as a blog post :smiley:

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