🥳 1k+ Makers in da House

:sunny: Happy Friday Makers :sunny:

Even though what we’re doing here is absolutely not about numbers, I’d still like to step in with this tiny post to celebrate the first milestone of our community.

The forum has only been around for a couple of weeks and it already accommodates 1k+ wonderful people and a whole lotta brilliant solutions.

:purple_heart: A huge shout-out to you :purple_heart:

Thank you guys so much for all the time and effort you invest in the community. It would not be the same without you @alex.newpath @andyoneil @datalytyks @D-EFFCON @Drivn.agency @ecomsilio @Giacomo_Lanzi @Jarryd_Williams @Jesse @JimTheMondayMan @Jorg_Ackermann @Jouher_Automator @JugaadiTech @loic.wiseflow @luke.ifonly_solution @make_expert @Prem_Patel @Tammy @timlittletech @zezutom

Well Done Applause GIF by MOODMAN

Side note: To meet fellow Makers, you can always head into our Intros & Hellos thread and drop us a few lines about yourself.

:nerd_face: Some of the things we’ve covered over the past few months :nerd_face:

:sparkles: we discussed a bunch of helpful functions in Make

:sparkles: Bjorn showed us some nifty tricks on working with regex

:sparkles: Jouher shared a video that explains the get-map function

:sparkles: Andy summarized the substring function for us

:sparkles: Wemakefuture educated us on running JavaScript / Python Code

:sparkles: we talked to David Zisner, Davame and Jesus Vargas about how they use Make

:sparkles: we brought in some answers to FAQs thanks to our Support team

:sparkles: we covered apps released on Make in April and May

:sparkles: we celebrated May the 4th

:sparkles: Ruben showed us how to get the offers from AppSumo and share them in a Telegram channel

:sparkles: Tomas shared his tutorial on tracking your spending habits

I am 100% positive that there are tons of exciting days ahead of this community of ours.

Cannot wait to see all the great things we get to create together :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: