🤯 Telegram channel with AppSumo bargains (and impact affiliation)

I have set up a “monster” that catches the new offers that AppSumo releases (for now, my idea is to add more marketplaces) and shares them in a Telegram channel almost in real time.

Let’s see what you think!

I was give up, to be honest.
There was no way to find AppSumo’s new offers with Impact’s API (the affiliate platform they use)… :frowning:

I finally found AppSumo’s own API that returned the latest bargains. The next step was to create the affiliate link for each product.

For that you can make a request to the Impact API to return the “TrackingLink” (AppSumo’s general affiliate link) and pass by parameter the URL of the specific product and… Ta-daaaaaaa, we already have the affiliate link of the product!

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Now it’s a matter of going through the list of bargains collected from AppSumo (with an Iterator) to create your affiliate link and publish it on the Telegram channel.

Important: in a DataSource record I save/collect the last list of bargains collected in the last automation run, to check that only new bargains are published each time.

As I saw that the affiliate link was quite long and ugly, I saw that Make has a module to use Short.io, which in its free version allows you to shorten up to 1000 links and with click tracking using your own domain (it looks much better, really) and you can also filter if you already have a link created of the bargain you are trying to publish. :ok_hand:

And I manage the tags that describe the product itself to also publish it in the Telegram channel, because then the user can filter the bargains by simply clicking on the hashtag of the type of product they are looking for. :blush:

Anyway, let’s see what you think of the idea.
The good thing is that it can be extrapolated to many types of businesses, sectors, etc. And as I said at the beginning, you can add more marketplaces in the same scenario or different scenarios.

Right now I have created 2 channels of this type that are the same but one in Spanish and this one that I show you in English, and the truth is that they are already generating some income automatically after setting up everything.

If for whatever reason someone is interested in the blueprint, let me know and I will export it so you can have it. And if you want to see the Telegram channel directly is this: Telegram: Contact @mktbargains

I’m waiting for your opinions and ideas that could be added to it!

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Wow, great stuff @Ruben :star:

Thanks so much for taking the time to type this out and share it with the community, much appreciated! How long did it take you to build that beauty? :heart_eyes:

Thanks Michaela!!
I would say it took me about 1 week. At first I didn’t have the Appsumo API and I did it with an HTTP module and then pulling the info with text modules and regular expressions that would make the creator of regular expressions throw up XD. That took me more time, but then with the API everything much simpler, and then just go optimizing some little things to save operations, adding the hashtags, etc…

At most I would say 2 weeks in total and I hardly touch anything from then.

What I have done is some new scenario with weekly publications of the best scoring bargains of the week. :slight_smile:


Hi. I saw your post on bhw that’s how I got here. This is something that I would be interested in implementing. Can you please share the blueprint. Thank you.

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Hi Adriana!
Sure, here: mkt-bargains-appsumo-blueprint.json - Google Drive

let me know! :slight_smile:

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@Ruben Hey, can you please post the english version?
Seems that’s the spanish one.
Thank you

Hi Johny!
I have reviewed the blueprint and I confirm that it is the one I use for the Telegram channel in English. What I have seen is that I use some internal names and descriptions of the modules in Spanish (sorry, it is my native language and I develop the diagrams in Spanish), but you will see that the outgoing messages that I send for example to the channel in Telegram are in English.
If you need me to translate any phrase or something in particular tell me no problem right here! :slight_smile:


awesome stuff. managed to get it working. tyvm for sharing
“What I have done is some new scenario with weekly publications of the best scoring bargains of the week. :slight_smile:

can you please share the weekly version as well ^^?

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Sure @Johnny !
You got it Hots-AppSumo-blueprint.json - Google Disk


appsumo’s affiliate system is a scam, don’t bother with it

They were advertising it everywhere as up to 50$ on new customer’s purchase + 5% on other purchases.

When I asked them a few months later why i’m not getting commisions even if I get many sales, this is what they said.
We have had commission structure changes within the last year, which is why our standard contract does not include 5% returning commission.

Currently, in order to receive the 5% commission we require at least a 5% new customer rate. You can see how many new customers you’ve brought in by using your “Advanced Action Listing” report and adding Customer status to the show dropdown. "

Which is bullshit since they overwrite cookies on new buyers accounts. Tested that myself on 2 fresh and clean accounts (on a new and fresh vps, clean ip). The orders placed from those accounts are appearing but those accounts don’t appear directly referred by me. )

Some random ppl signed up for new accounts as well and I didn’t get the full amount of their purchase. and in the end I got 0 instead of the 5%. ( from using your script on a few telegram groups)

Also I kept referring some tools to some friends on mine that had order appsumo accounts. 0 for those as well.

5k $ purchases 0 commision

so stay away

I’m sorry to hear that Johnny.
In my case, at least that I’m reviewing the latest Actions, it seems that they do buy new users (100% commission) and already registered users (5%). The truth is that I didn’t know about the minimum number of new users, it sounds like I haven’t read anything in their contract, have you checked if it says so in the contract they have in Impact?