May the fourth be with you!

Hey Makers! :wave:

It’ll probably come as no surprise that many of us over here at Make are huge Star Wars fans. I mean when I look around our office, :arrow_up: this :arrow_down: is what I see.

I'm sure we have many Star Wars enthusiasts in the community as well. That's why I'm jumping in to show off a badge we created for all the Makers who - you guessed it - joined us on May 4th (CEST).


If you happen to have a desk full of Star Wars collectibles as well, feel free to share a snap with us. Geeking out together is always more fun than geeking out individually :nerd_face:

Have a great Friday, everyone!


Who’s your favourite Star Wars character? And why?

I personally love Chewbacca. He never said anything but was always helping the cause without a worry in the world.
Star Wars No GIF by Regal


Definitely Obi-Wan Kenobi! Always on top of things, cares for other creatures and is not afraid to take on monstrosities such as was Grievous!

Revenge Of The Sith Hello GIF by Star Wars

Also highly recommend this book about his journey on Tatooine when he first came there to look after Luke! Of course he got caught up local affairs involving settlers and Tuskens.

Darth Revan, Darth Plagueis (the master of Darth Sidious) and the Darth Bane trilogy are all excellent books too!