Comic-Con is 52!

Hey Makers :boom:

Who has not heard about Comic-Con, amirite?
Did you know we’re celebrating an important anniversary today?

:warning: Super brief history lesson incoming!

The very first San Diego event was held in March 1970 as a one-day convention.Thanks to its instant popularity, the first three-day long Comic-Con took place on August 1st of the same year.

:superhero: No, the entire Make team did not go to Comic-Con for team-building purposes. A whole bunch of us are huge fans of all things related to comic-book/sci-fi/fantasy, though. Shocking? Probably not.

We’re dying to share a bit of this passion with you folks so we collected some of our favorite pieces to show off.

:shield: Since this is such a special day, we have a Comic-Con-inspired badge for every Maker who’s active in the community between August 1st and 3rd.

:arrow_down: Not sure which topic to jump into? Why not start by telling us about your favorite/least favorite superhero in the comments below?

Update :speech_balloon:

Well, those couple of days did, indeed fly by like crazy!
Curious to check out the Makers who received the topical community badge?
You can do so :boom: here :boom:


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