🎉 New Makers of the Month: December 2022

Hey Makers :wave:

Did you know there is a special badge called ‘New Maker of the Month’ in the community?


As you can see above, the badge is granted each month to congratulate two new users for their outstanding contributions in their first month.

There are quite a few folks bearing that literal badge of honor and you can check them out over here.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to start publically celebrating new Makers who get this badge because it showcases the tremendous value they’ve brought to the community within their very first days.


A big congrats to @Callinetic and @IainM for becoming December’s New Makers of the Month

Thanks for all the meaningful conversations you’re helping to form and all the solutions you’re bringing to the community :pray:

It’s an absolute pleasure to have you :purple_heart:

Celebrate Dance Party GIF by Lisa Vertudaches