🏡 Make Community Roundup: December 2023 [CR]

Hey Makers :wave:

Is there a better way to step into the new year than with a new community badge? Let’s take a look at all of you who made some great progress last month!

:clap: Let’s take a bow for our amazing Leaders of this month, who paved the way for us and helped us every time we found ourselves lost. Thank you all for your contributions!

:1st_place_medal: @samliew
:2nd_place_medal: @Msquare_Automation
:3rd_place_medal: @Automate_with_Rezwan

Honorary mentions this month may go to: @Donald_Mitchell and @Philippe_Billet

:wave: Amazing and inspiring to see our New Makers crush it just a few moments after joining our community! Great job peers @LeftyLuke and @Morgane_Geffroy.

:white_check_mark: Let’s have a look at the astonishing lineup of our community members who earned badges for their spicy solutions! All of the contributions helped our community grow stronger.

:star: You’re an absolute rock star! We love seeing you climb that community ladder and consistently contribute to the group. Great job on earning the Insider status @IOA_Brett.

:rocket: App & Product Updates

App Update: Level up NetSuite automation
App Update: new OpeAI capabilities
Releases on Make December 2023

:100: Worth Checking Out

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:ok_hand: Francisco’s Fantastic Articles

Transform your Crm with Make an Apify
Transform your Chrstmas with Automated Magic
Optimizing Medical Leave Management with Make and OpenAI
Attendence COntrol with Arduino and factorial through Make

:bulb: Tremendous Tips

Crafting a GraphQL Query
Integrated Lead Mananagement Automation: Make, Phantom Buster, GDrive, GSheets, Zero Bounce, HubSpot CRM