🔥 App Update: Message an Assistant and more - new OpenAI capabilities

Hey Makers :wave:

:tada: Hope you are ready to say goodbye to 2023 and welcome the new year that’s ahead of us. But before you do that, we have some exciting news to share! :tada:

Just a few weeks ago, we added new OpenAI modules, that unlock the power of Vision, DALL-E 3, Text-To-Speech, and GPT4 Turbo. But we’re not done for the year: we have two final announcements that unlock more innovation for you.

  • Message an Assistant
    Have an ongoing conversation with an Assistant, plus upload files to help you build better prompts and generate better responses.

  • Create a Completion Parameters
    Gain more control over the completion with the latest input parameters, getting great results more consistently.

Put these new capabilities to work today, and unleash the power of AI in your workflows. :robot:

Helpful Links:
:make: OpenAI integration page
:make: OpenAI in our Help Center

How do you use the assistant to have a back and forth conversation ? Not sure to understand with the information on your page.

Hi @Pascal :wave:

You can find the main information on “Message an Assistant” in our documentation.

If the information shared in the help doc does not help, feel free to drop your question in the :arrow_right: Questions & Answers category. Doing this increases your chances of getting assistance from community members who specialize in the very area you need help with.

Here are a handful of best practices that lead to getting the quickest community support:

  • Give a detailed explanation of what you’re trying to achieve
  • Mention any steps you’ve tried so far
  • Include screenshots of
    • your scenario flow and setup (functions, mappings, variables, etc.)
    • module configurations and outputs
    • any error messages you are getting
  • When posting screenshots, remember to exclude all sensitive data
  • Mark most helpful replies as solutions to help keep the community organized

The ‘Message an Assistant’ documentation is woefully inadequate. Maybe it’s enough for developers and people who are Make certified.

This is a perfect example of what’s holding Make back from wider adoption. Zapier is making it extremely easy for lay-people to use it’s automations - going as far as NLP scenarios.

If you really want us to use your new automations, we’d like to see documentation that shows actual examples of how to implement it.

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Hello @Outbound :wave:

Thank you for stepping in and sharing your feedback with the community. I have passed it along to our tech writing team to make sure it reaches the right ears.

We’re always happy to hear user feedback, so thanks a lot for your insights :pray:

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We update the makemarket open ai modules to support GPT-4o and functions. give it a look.

Check this post for more details: Open AI Assistant Module with GPT-4o and functions