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Our Apps family boasts numerous exceptional apps and solutions. To spotlight our partners and their capabilities, we created the “Technology Partners Spotlight” series, a community-focused initiative. Whether you seek an alternative or something unique, keep an eye on this series for potential solutions. You just might find what you’ve been searching for.

Today we’re shining the light on SleekFlow! :flashlight:

:computer: What does SleekFlow do and what category does it fit in?

Omnichannel Customer Engagement Software for sales, marketing, and support.

:star2: What is SleekFlow’s superpower or unique selling point?

All-in-one social commerce platform for customer engagement.

:busts_in_silhouette: Who are SleekFlow’s typical customers and what are their use cases?

SMEs to enterprises who need to manage 1:1 customer communications. They use SleekFlow to sell, support, and market better. Industries include retail, e-commerce, beauty & wellness, travel & hospitality, F&B, and professional services.

:scream_cat: What is the biggest challenge your customers face without using SleekFlow?

Without using SleekFlow to centralize customer conversations and data, businesses (our customers) would have no structured way to manage conversations systematically in a time, lack automated workflows needed to scale, and spend a significant amount of time managing customers across multiple channels.

:rocket: What can users do with SleekFlow and Make?

Centralize data access on one unified omnichannel platform, empower O2O social selling with marketplace & payment integrations, track customers’ social footprints across social messaging platforms.

1. Drive conversions through streamlined conversations:

Effortlessly manage customer conversations across popular social messaging platforms through a shared inbox. Automate message-sending and follow-up actions, reducing the time and effort needed to handle customer interactions.

2. Streamline customer engagement and support:

Automatically update customer information whenever new deals or orders are created on e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce or Shopify. With a centralized Social CRM, your team can provide prompt and accurate assistance to customers through messaging, ensuring seamless customer engagement and support.

3. Enhance automation with API calls on SleekFlow:

Leverage SleekFlow’s capabilities to make seamless API calls and integrate with your custom apps. With access to a comprehensive view of customer information, you can make data-driven decisions and enhance cross-functional collaboration, enabling you to deliver personalized experiences that drive repeat purchases.

:make: Do you Make?

We mainly help clients set up their messaging flows with Make to connect other platforms like CRM such as Hubspot.

:thought_balloon: To the Makers…

To the Makers, Doers & Shakers, let’s empower businesses, fuel boundless creation, and drive remarkable growth.

:gift: Promotion or Offer

Check out SleekFlow and when registering, use the coupon code SLEEKFORMAKE to enjoy 20% off yearly plans! :star_struck:

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