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Our Apps family boasts numerous exceptional apps and solutions. To spotlight our partners and their capabilities, we created the “Technology Partners Spotlight” series, a community-focused initiative. Whether you seek an alternative or something unique, keep an eye on this series for potential solutions. You just might find what you’ve been searching for.

Today we’re shining the light on Eden AI! :flashlight:

:computer: What does Eden AI do and what category does it fit in?

AI/ML/Development Tools

:star2: What is Eden AI’s superpower or unique selling point?

Eden AI simplifies AI integration for developers by bringing together the best AI APIs into a single one, allowing you to choose the most accurate, fastest, and/or cheapest provider at any time. The problem we’re solving is the complexity product builders face in making the right choice in an AI API market that is evolving extremely rapidly, particularly so in recent months. In this way, we democratize access to these technologies for as many product builders as possible.

:busts_in_silhouette: Who are Eden AI’s typical customers and what are their use cases?

Jenny is in marketing and uses Text Generation and Summarization to write content, and illustrates it with Image Generation.

Tom is managing business finances in his company and uses Invoice and Receipt Parsing to automatically extract information from documents.

Mary is working in HR and uses Resume Parsing to automatically extract key information from thousands of resumes.

Gary is a support manager who uses Speech-to-Text to transcribe audio conversations between the support team and customers in order to improve support quality.

:scream_cat: What is the biggest challenge your customers face without using Eden AI?

Without the help of Eden AI, customers would have to look for the right provider that does the right AI task based on their needs. Thanks to Eden AI, they have access to all AI tasks, each paired with the most suitable AI provider.

:rocket: What can users do with Eden AI and Make?

Extract invoices and receipts :receipt:

When you have numerous digital invoices and receipts that need to be processed and sorted, you can use Make with Eden AI to recognize and extract the essential information and send it to NetSuite, Xero or Quickbooks automatically.

Extract resumes :page_facing_up::briefcase:

When dealing with a large pool of job applicants and you need to filter out the relevant details from resumes, you can use Make with Eden AI to analyze and extract the key data and then pass it on to Greenhouse, BambooHR or Personio and notify your hiring manager with a Slack message.

Analyze text :mag::open_book:

Eden AI offers an extensive set of text analysis features which can be utilized by Make to feed into email marketing, e-commerce or messaging services, including:

  • Anonymization: Removing personal information to maintain privacy.
  • Moderation: Filtering content to ensure it adheres to community guidelines.
  • Summarization: Condensing large text into concise summaries.
  • Entity Recognition: Identifying entities such as names, locations, and organizations.
  • AI Detection: Utilizing artificial intelligence to detect patterns and insights.
  • Spell Check: Correcting spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Understanding the sentiment or tone of the text.
  • Keyword Extraction: Extracting important keywords for categorization and insight.
  • Transcribe audio When you have audio files, such as podcasts or interviews, that need to be converted into written form, Eden AI can transcribe the audio content for you, saving you valuable time.

Generate text, images, and audio :memo::art::musical_note:

Whether you need to create text content, unique visuals, or custom audio, Eden AI offers generation capabilities that can streamline these creative processes. From product descriptions to voice-over narration, Eden AI leverages advanced AI provider’s models to ensure quality and consistency across various media formats. Make scenarios can take advantage of this and funnel into your content creation and publishing workflows to automatically generate, review and publish your content.

:make: Do you Make?

We are Makers too! We use Make to automate emailing and customer success operations at Eden AI. We record and analyze users’ feedback and emails to provide them with the best answers.

:thought_balloon:To the Makers…

You can now effortlessly connect AI technologies with your favourite applications in just a few steps, which will allow you to create remarkable AI workflows that showcase the full potential of artificial intelligence. The best part is, you don’t need any coding skills to make it happen! So why wait? Start unlocking the incredible possibilities of AI right now!

:gift: Promotion or Offer

Check out EdenAI :arrow_right: Get $30 credits for free! :star_struck:

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If you’re interested in learning how to Master AI-Driven Document Processing with Make, you’ll want to sign up for the Webinar hosted by Make on Wednesday the 20th of September featuring: Eden AI, Alegria (a Make Gold Service Partner), Andrew Forte (YouTube Influencer) and Christophe de Crouy-Chanel (an Independent Digital Transformation & Process Automation Freelancer).


You should probably add a disclaimer that the “$30 credits for free” is only available to enterprise/business users only. Normal users get $10 and that uses up too quickly for a proper trial.

My initial impression is that @Eden_AI is pricey compared to other AI APIs like OpenAI’s GPT models and Google Text-to-speech API. Not only that, you don’t get free usage every month compared to Google APIs, and it’s quite difficult to justify paying just to onboard/trial after that $10.

Hey there @Balt_Marques :wave:

Thank you very much for shining the light on such a clever AI as Eden. I am certain that lots of us are gonna enjoy playing and creating with Make and Eden :video_game:.

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Hi @samliew !

I’m Taha, the CEO of Eden AI :slight_smile: I’ll respond to your comments.

“$30 credits for free” is only available to enterprise/business users only => The offer of additional trial credits is in no way linked to the plan to which the user subscribes. They’re two very different things. We set up partnerships with referral codes that work in all cases. Advanced plans (“Personal” and “Professional”) give access to additional features, not more or fewer credits.

Normal users get $10 and that uses up too quickly for a proper trial. => The test credits we offer are more than sufficient to test API performance and compare the different models we offer. Additional credits can be purchased for as little as $10.

My initial impression is that @Eden_AI is pricey compared to other AI APIs like OpenAI’s GPT models and Google Text-to-speech API => We charge API calls at the same price as direct suppliers. We negotiate our margin with suppliers rather than charging an additional price. In fact, our users save money by always choosing the cheapest supplier that meets their needs.

You don’t get free usage every month compared to Google APIs => It’s true that some suppliers (and not all of them) offer free credits for small volumes. That’s why you can use your own API keys and put them on Eden AI. All you need to do is subscribe to the “Personal” offer.

It’s quite difficult to justify paying just to onboard/trial after that $10 => Where I’m going to agree with you is that if you ever want to use the services of a single provider (OpenAI or Google or someone else), there’s no point in using Eden AI.

By standardizing the range of AI and LLM APIs on offer, our value proposition lies more in the possibility of combining different AI engines for the different AI tasks you’re integrating into your automation, or simply to have the certainty of being able to switch providers at any time without having to worry about connector maintenance.

In the future, we’ll be going one step further by proposing to take care of the choice of optimal models for users, depending on their constraints (price, model accuracy, speed of response, compliance, etc.).

Thanks in any case for your comment and for testing our service. I hope I’ve been able to clarify a few things with my reply.


Any Update here ? :slight_smile: