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Our Apps family boasts numerous exceptional apps and solutions. To spotlight our partners and their capabilities, we created the “Technology Partners Spotlight” series, a community-focused initiative. Whether you seek an alternative or something unique, keep an eye on this series for potential solutions. You just might find what you’ve been searching for.

Today we’re shining the light on Paperform! :flashlight:

:computer: What does Paperform do and what category does it fit in?

Paperform is a flexible online form builder that simplifies work allowing you to get more done. Collect data, make sales, take bookings, communicate with customers, and automate manual processes—all in one place.

Paperform’s powerful editor offers nearly limitless customisation and advanced workflows baked in to let you create solutions that fit your needs perfectly. Whether it’s a small project or running a whole company, Paperform serves as the digital Swiss Army Knife for all kinds of businesses worldwide

Categories: Surveys & Forms, Marketing, Customer feedback, Calendars

:star2: What is Paperform’s superpower or unique selling point?

Paperform’s strengths lie in the perfect fusion of smart features, extensive customization capabilities, and remarkable flexibility. It empowers individuals and businesses to create interactive, personalized, and powerful forms that not only capture data efficiently but also leave a lasting impression on their audience. With Paperform, the only limit is your imagination.

From your in-built dashboard, you can utilize powerful features.

Smart features:

  • Conditional Logic
  • Custom Emails
  • Tailored Success Pages
  • Pre-filled Answers
  • Calculations
  • Automating Data Processing


  • Full control over the look and feel of your forms
  • User-friendly, code-free
  • Customizable fonts, colours, backgrounds, and images
  • Native Adobe Creative Cloud integration to create on-brand forms


  • Versatile Platform that goes beyond form building
  • Adapts to your workflow and ensures a seamless integration
  • Connect to over 3000 apps with Make and direct integrations
  • Extensive customisation capabilities

:busts_in_silhouette: Who are Paperform’s typical customers and what are their use cases?

Our users rarely fit a ‘type’, but rather break the mould and prefer to build, innovate, and customize for themselves. These hands-on users appreciate Paperform’s adaptability to different daily tasks and its flexibility in capturing information and creating elegant workflows within their businesses.

Tech-savvy users appreciate Paperform’s versatility, scalability, and ability to work across departments. They collaborate with different skill sets and have diverse data capture needs, making Paperform an ideal set-and-forget solution that allows them to communicate with customers and team members, and collect customizable and actionable information, all without relying on a developer for every build.

:scream_cat: What is the biggest challenge your customers face without using Paperform?

With Paperform small business owners and teams can cut down on busywork, automate workflows and simplify their lives.

Small businesses face the challenge of maximizing time, minimizing budgets, and finding work-life balance in today’s busy and online world. However, Paperform offers a solution by replacing tedious tasks and manual processes with efficient automations. It provides small business owners with a better way to work, allowing them to achieve more while spending less.

:rocket: What can users do with Paperform and Make?

:email: Create personalized email marketing campaigns generated from Paperform lead magnets:

Once your fully customisable Paperform submits the form, Make will add them to a relevant email list in MailChimp, ActiveCampaign or any number of email marketing software. This list can be automatically built in the background ready for when you need it.

:speech_balloon: Effortlessly gather customer feedback:

Establish a streamlined feedback loop that keeps your business connected to its customers. Seamlessly syncing customer feedback submissions with your CRM, where you can set up a trigger in Make that tags users based on their answers to specific questions.

:shopping_cart: Connect your order forms to your e-commerce store or order management system:

Leverage the power of Paperform’s registration or order forms and simplify your sales processes. When a new order is placed by a customer Paperform, instantly create an account in your WooCommerce or Shopify store and add it to your project or order management system such as Airtable. All without lifting a finger.

:make: Do you Make?

Yes! One thing that we find particularly useful is setting up scenarios for job applications.

  • First, we collect the applicant data with Paperform and use Calculations to filter out text errors (like incorrect email addresses, multiple submissions, etc.).

  • Then we trigger a few automations in Make: first, the data is sent to Google Sheets and neatly organized, then it’s sent to one of our project management tools (Airtable, Asana, JIRA) which differs based on the team.

  • Finally, a message is sent in Slack with a summary of the details and links to the resumes/LinkedIn profile etc.

  • We can then trigger automated emails to update the applicant on the status of their application.

With Make and Paperform, the entire process is automated from resume submission to booking in the first interview call.

:thought_balloon:To the Makers…

At Paperform, we believe that automation and creativity can work hand in hand. By empowering individuals and teams to automate repetitive tasks and processes, we enable them to focus on the creative and strategic work that drives innovation and growth. With our platform, we aim to help businesses of all sizes unleash their full potential and achieve their goals, one form at a time.

:gift: Promotion or Offer

For a limited time :alarm_clock:, we’re offering an extended free trial of Paperform’s Pro plan.

Use the coupon code PFMAKE0 when you register and enjoy one month free. :star_struck:

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Heya @Balt_Marques :wave:

Wow, what a packed episode! Huge thanks for shining the spotlight on Paperform :star_struck:

It’s really interesting to read about Paperform’s features and functionality and to learn how you can use it on Make to boost your data-collecting processes.

Thanks a lot for keeping us informed and inspired :dizzy:


Hey @Michaela

I 100% agree!! I loved working with Paperform on this spotlight, they’re an awesome and talented bunch and they’ve got an amazing product. :star_struck:

It’s worth mentioning that they have recently released a new standalone product called Papersign to compliment their fantastic form builder and simplify document signing :clap: :pen: :heavy_check_mark:

Also, we’ve got an exciting Tech Partner Spotlight lined up for next month with one of our AI partners and I’m looking forward to sharing that! :grinning:

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