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Our Apps family boasts numerous exceptional apps and solutions. To spotlight our partners and their capabilities, we created the “Technology Partners Spotlight” series, a community-focused initiative. Whether you seek an alternative or something unique, keep an eye on this series for potential solutions. You just might find what you’ve been searching for.

Today we’re shining the light on Levity! :flashlight:

:computer: What does Levity do and what category does it fit in?

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

:star2: What is Levity’s Superpower or unique selling point?

Train your own AI on your data to classify text, images, and documents

:busts_in_silhouette: Who are Levity’s typical customers and what are their use cases?

Jane is in sales and has to deal with lots of replies to her emails, most of them don’t require an immediate reply but some of them do so she creates a text classifier in Levity training it on examples of all the different types of emails she is getting and integrates it with here inbox. Now she starts the day with an inbox that is already sorted. Levity also automatically moves the attachment she gets to the right place.

:scream_cat: What is the biggest challenge your customers face without using Levity?

When dealing with lots of repetitive incoming data from customers (e.g. them submitting forms, sending emails or uploading images) the process can’t be automated with rules or off-the-shelf AI so it often remains a manual task for the human.

:rocket: What can users do with Levity and Make?

Categorize incoming emails
When you receive lots of emails from customers that need to be tagged and routed to the right person Levity can learn from your historic data and do that automatically for you.

Move attachments to the right place
When you receive lots of attachments such as images or PDF documents that need to be moved to certain sub-folders on Google Drive or Dropbox, Levity can detect the type of image or document and move it automatically.

Analyze text and images from form submissions
If you have a form on your website and you need to review and analyze the content (e.g. free from text) to derive conclusions from it, Levity can help you speed up the process.

:make: Do you Make?

Yes of course! We use Make as a company to sync all sorts of apps and move information where it’s needed. For example, we have lots of tools that record interactions with our users and we want to have that information available in our CRM.

:thought_balloon: To the Makers…

2023 is the year of AI becoming mainstream and everyone should reap the benefits of automating their repetitive tasks that they couldn’t automate without it!

:gift: Promotion or Offer

Check out Levity’s :point_right: 30 day free trial!

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Awesome job, @Balt_Marques! Thanks a ton for bringing this exciting initiative to the community. This is super cool stuff!

Levity sounds like a service that’s totally worth checking out :nerd_face: especially since I’m terrible at organizing my email inbox :sweat_smile:

Can’t wait to give it a try!

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Thanks, @Michaela - Super happy to launch this with the community.
We have really cool Technology Partners lined up for the series :rocket: