🔥 Feature Spotlight: AI Assistant

Hey Makers :wave:

We’ve come bearing exciting news today!
We’ve started gradually rolling out our AI Assistant - a useful tool to help you get started with building simple scenarios quickly and easily. :boom:

:robot: Imagine transforming your workflow by simply describing what you want — that’s exactly what’s possible with AI Assistant.

It’s particularly useful for building and tweaking simple scenarios and getting inspiration about what’s possible, before completing the finishing touches and adjustments yourself.

:old_key: Key capabilities of AI Assistant

  • Creating new scenarios using a chat-like experience.

  • Adjusting scenarios by sending a follow-up request to AI Assistent.

  • Monitoring and enhancing scenarios in real-time.

:magic_wand: AI Assistant is now available in beta, and you can start using it in the Scenario Editor. Put this new capability to work today and let Make bring the power of AI to your workflows!

We’ll be expanding AI Assistant’s capabilities over time, so stay tuned for more details!


What a great new feature! Hopefully it can also apply filters and perform basic mappings in future :slight_smile:


amazing. How do I get access? The assistant is not displayed in my scenarios?

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The feature is gradually rolling out. I also don’t have it yet.


thanks for responding so quickly.
@vendy any chance to receive priority lane?

Would love to use this. Thanks

Hey there @Frederic1 :wave:

We are glad, that you are so enthusiastic about our new feature! :meow_party:

@samliew was absolutely right with his comment about the gradual rollout. If you don’t have access to the AI Assistant yet, don’t worry, it will soon be enabled for you as well!

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Hi! Did you deactivate the AI Assistant again already? I was able try it out yesterday for a few glorious minutes. But today, all I see in the left down corner of my screen is the purple question mark with the regular support options? I’d love to test the AI Assistant some more!

Hello @weiphi

I just want to let you know that the AI Assistant was not deactivated on our end. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience you’re facing.

Could you please try to

  • open Make in a different browser
  • open Make in incognito mode
  • clear your cache/cookies?

If none of the above does the trick for you, I would recommend opening a ticket with the support team so that they can properly investigate this.

Thank you :pray:


Thanks! I tried logging in in incognito mode, but no luck either. I open an ticket as you suggested. Cheers! Philipp

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